I ACCEPT What I Cannot Change

I have a tough time letting things go. You do something to me I have too get you back. You say something to me I have to say something back. I also Hold on to people that mean no good to me. I Also, Hold on to pain I should have let go a long time ago. Holding on to these things for too long did me more bad than good. The people I held on to it destroyed them and me. I made commitments I was not ready for. I destroyed a woman for holding on to her too long even after I knew the relationship was way past over. The moment I felt that it wasn’t going any further. I should have accepted reality and been a real man and let it go. Yea, that would have caused pain. I’m pretty sure it would have been easier than finding out the man you're in love with is loving other women. Constantly making you look like a fool and killing your self-esteem. I never realized it would have an atomic effect on my life. I mean the Comfortability creates a sense of security and builds dependence. Which only makes me not face my problems. So I guess my first step of letting go would be acceptance. Accepting the things I can’t change. Accepting accountability Accepting people’s true colors, accepting my faults, and accepting my pain and healing. The moment I begin to accept the things I can not change I can begin to work on the things that’s in my control. Time to accept reality. Time to stop making excuses. I am the master of my life and control the keys to my destiny. I cannot hold on to the ground and reach for the STARZ.

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