Microwave Love

We are in a time where everybody expects things instantly. You plant the seed today you want the flower tomorrow. That mindset is used daily. That’s mostly because of technology and things are

So accessible. You click the browser on your phone if it take longer than a blink or two you are trying to figure out what’s wrong and why it’s taking so long. The same mindset is used in relationships. The divorce rate for 2019 was 40 to 50 percent for first time marriages. Everything in life has a process. Most of the time we skip steps to get to the end goal. I’m guilty of doin that. I had my first son at 17. His mother was pregnant within the first few weeks of dealing with each other. We met in January she was pregnant by February. We made a permanent decision before I even knew her favorite color or even seen if we was right for each other. Now being single today is tough when you are the take things slow and let them happen organically. A lot of people want love to work like the microwave rice that’s done in 2 minutes. I meet you today you we are in a relationship next week next month we are in love and planning our wedding. Usually ends up the same. You ask yourself who is this person in front me and where is the person I met and loved. I know u can’t put a time on your heart but I also know it’s not good to rush into anything. A lot of microwaved love comes from one of these things: 1. Coming from a broken family. Usually when you come from a broken family you feel the absence of love and you go through life trying to feel that void. 2.Being Naive 3. Having your heart broke. I know you read number 3 and asked yourself how does heartbreak make you rush into love. It’s simple when you don’t want to face the pain you use someone new to get over the heartbreak or your with that person so long you become afraid to be alone. Their is no time limit on love it should always feel genuine and should never be forced. Love is like flower every step along the way is important in growing and keeping it alive. There is a reason you can’t cook chicken or steaks in a microwave. Love doesn’t belong there either. Take your time if it’s right it will flow and what you build with that special some one will last.

From my heart to your heart

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